What happened when I broke the silence

Is incest the last taboo?

This post is about what happened when I told my mother about the incest.

There’s a part of this recording where I say that disclosure is harder for victims of incest. But please–all you survivors out there–I’m absolutely not getting into a competition of misery. It’s my very clumsy way of saying that, perhaps, there’s more of a taboo around incest than sexual abuse of children from adults other than caregivers. And that taboo perhaps brings with it a different range of emotions.

Tell me what you think: is incest the last taboo?



All of you take care and God bless xxx

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  1. Anon says:

    I completely agree with what you say. Sexual abuse is wrong no matter what the consequences but when the abuser is a brother (as was the case for me) the shame and disgust at yourself becomes all the more potent. Sexual abuse is abhorrent but mix in incest and it becomes taboo. It’s difficult enough to be able to tell somebody that you were abused and raped as a child, more so when the perpetrator was your sibling.


    1. I’m sorry, so very sorry you suffer. Please try to be gentle with yourself. Thank you for stopping by.


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