Finding “safety in dark corners”

So, we find safety in our bars, in the dark corners of the cities we live in. Places we can drop every shield and breakdown every wall and just be. 100% honesty happens in these places.

This was quoted on my friend’s Facebook page after the Orlando massacre.

It inspired this blog.

The blog has a bit of a clumsy intro where I talk about the similarities between victims of abuse and what went on in Orlando. But that’s wrong. What I was trying to say was that there are similarities in issues of the Gay community–by which that quote was written,following Orlando– and survivors of abuse.

Get over the intro and there’s something interesting to think about.

Second the audio’s in two bits (because I can’t edit two together and my phone went in the middle)

Part 1 Safety in dark corners




Part 2 Into the light?

I invite you to share your views

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