Mental toughness

If you’ve ever felt out of sorts whilst struggling to complete a project this is for you!

I’m finding that the concept of Mental Toughness (or resilience) can help both at work and with recovery. It’s based on the concept of Mental toughness that we teach at Goddards. This is grounded in the research and work of Professor Peter Clough and Dough Strycharczyk. So we define Mental Toughness along the lines of

Being able to keep on keeping on whatever’s thrown at you

But what is Mental toughness…it’s made up of the 4 C’s:

Confidence–in your personal abilities and being able to build productive relationships with others, even under pressure

Challenge–being able to cope with change and challenge

Commitment–staying motivated, staying on task and being reliable

Control–controlling our life and controlling our emotions

Having said all of this: if you don’t “get it” or can’t always “do it”, neither can I. So don’t beat yourself up. I guess that part of Commitment means that we just find a different way!


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