Brexit: lies and deceit

I suppose I should apologise for the headline. I just wanted to catch your attention!

This post is inspired by the fallout from the UK’s vote to leave the EU. It’s not about politics, but it’s inspired by the theme of lies and trust: today Boris Johnson said he wouldn’t stand for leadership of the Conservative Party and his “friend” Michael Gove said that he would stand. Yet a few weeks ago Gove said he had no interest in being PM.

So the post explores the impact of the lies and deceit and “double-talk” that is at the core of sexual abuse at the hands of a family member. I was always told to Count My Blessings and that Charity Begins at home… and I believed it all.

Not exactly the jolliest of posts—but once again it’s there for other Survivors!



PS the photo is at Sheffield train station in the United Kingdom. It’s appropriate because it’s a waterfall that creates the illusion of being a train ....

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