The banished Inner Child

I forgot all about my child within until I listened to posts on various support forums. Fellow Survivors reminded me that I do need to integrate my  “little me.”  I’ve been forcing myself to glance at a picture of her and I’ve just been wanting her to behave, to sit still and to be quiet. But she will not obey.

little me (2)
Missing: an adult who will love me

For this post I’ve decided to look her squarely in the eye. And I’ve come to realise that  I shut her out because she’s a nuisance. But that is my mother’s voice …

I need to find my own voice and learn to treat her with love and compassion.





PS. The photo was taken during the winter of 2010. One of our last real winters.

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  1. Reblogged this on Patricia J Grace and commented:
    Serena, thank you once again. I feel you are a healer, a leader and a trusted guide.


  2. Ah Patricia: the recordings are my voice. So pleased to share the journey. It means so much that I can make connections–even across the “pond” xx


    1. Oh my gosh. My brain. How did I miss that? I thought you were finding them somewhere, and here you were all the time. You are an incredible source. That you can find your center and speak as you do, right to my center, right through my barriers, right to my core/soul/source, every time.


  3. Wow, this is so poignant…extraordinary. That’s the question, the one that seems impossible. How to love that little girl? The last part of my journey too.


    1. Will you share the site where you find these recordings?


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