Victim to victimiser: an uncomfortable truth

It is uncomfortable for me to recognise the impact of my behaviour on others.

There is a narrative that says: “Victims of sexual abuse become perpetrators” and we all know that this certainly does not have to be the case.However I do need to recognise that, in subtle ways, I have  victimised others.

This recording explains my experience of this–from kicking the dog when I was an 8 year old child, to hurling heavy books at a solicitor in a law firm where I worked, and throwing a cast iron pot at a man who I perceived as abusive.

My emotional literacy was stunted at 6 years old and now, 50 years later, it’s still in development. I have to teach myself to understand my impact on others:

The photo was taken in a park near the beach at Scarborough. I was drawn by the shapes and textures of the rock