“Summer seems to have appeared from nowhere”

First a big thank you to @  for  reflecting the thoughts of most of us in the UK when she tweeted “Summer seems to have appeared from nowhere.”

Summer is indeed here and Stacey’s  comment  made me pause and think how this is also true in our lives.  Our personal summers are moments of joy and they do appear to come from nowhere; but in this audio I’m proposing that our personal summers are actually the  culmination  of constant positive influences in our lives. It’s just that illness means we’re not always in a position to recognise these influences

In the audio I talk about the 3 constant influences that are responsible for my personal summers.

  • My husband and recognising that I have value in someone’s life
  • My spirituality and the natural world
  • Acceptance that recovery is not possible and I will remain damaged

So my friends: what is the constant summer in your life?

What is it in your life that brings a moment of joy? It doesn’t have to be something grand or miraculous. It could be the pleasure of a warm bath, a scented candle; or it could equally be something amazing like your son or daughter or your favourite flower.



PS The photo is from the library at kingofwallpapers.com.