A Hierarchy of Shame

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Do we need to forgive?

This audio poses a series of questions on the subject, based on concepts from other Survivors, what I read and my own experience.

Simply inspirational!

This is an inspirational, motivational talk. My hope for you is that you find it uplifting and it helps you to recognise your own resilience and grit.

Will someone please rescue me?

This post is about learned helplessness. At work I help my Clients with long-term physical and mental health conditions to achieve their potential; and in the vast majority of cases this involves coaching them to return to work or to sustain work. Every week I recognise when my Clients are stuck with learned helplessness: this is the thought  that…

Whatever will they think of me?

I’ll begin with a true story. When I was about 16 years of age I went round all the shops I could think of in Stratford-Upon-Avon asking for a summer holiday job. I landed myself a job in the kitchens of a café and came home excited to tell the news. My mother was furious:…

Learn to love your Inner Child

Hello Friends In this post I talk to my 6 year old self. I tell her what her future will bring and how proud I have become to walk by her side. My name was Sheilah then, not Serena. Yes, that’s confusing for me as well: my parents changed my name when I was around 11…