Learn to love your Inner Child

Hello Friends

In this post I talk to my 6 year old self. I tell her what her future will bring and how proud I have become to walk by her side.

My name was Sheilah then, not Serena. Yes, that’s confusing for me as well: my parents changed my name when I was around 11 years of age but that’s the subject of a different post entirely!)

I have 3 key messages for my 6 year old self:
  1. I want to hold you so close and soothe you and learn to love you.
  2. I am so proud of your achievements: you went to university, you are intelligent, you have founded a company, you help others.
  3. You have a husband who loves you. Purely, and simply.


Do listen to the audio—as ever, it wasn’t scripted; and I hope it helps you or inspires you to write to your inner child as well. If you do write a similar letter, or if you have already done so, I invite you to share your experiences with me and the Community.


PS Laura shares a letter she wrote to her inner child in November 2015: https://blackspotsite.com/2015/11/05/a-letter-to-my-11-year-old-self/comment-page-1/#comment-1172