Simply inspirational!

Dear Friends

This audio is inspired by you, my fellow Survivors. My hope for you is that you find this audio uplifting and that it helps you to recognise  your resilience and grit. Resilience is the ability to cope with whatever life throws at us—and though we may not feel it, I think we exemplify this quality.

I was thinking about recording an audio on mental toughness; then I heard that, yesterday at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Mo Farah  tripped at the start of the 10,000 metres and went on to win Gold; and his coaches and friends talked about all the hardships he’d faced in becoming such a successful athlete. But we did not just trip at the start of our race: we were shoved face down into the mire of trauma.


In this audio I talk about the components of our resilience
  • Commitment—for example to personal growth, families, work
  • Control—how we’re taking control of our lives
  • Confidence—represented by hope and what’s brought you to this blog
  • Challenge—adapting to trauma and learning to survive.


Keep on keeping on my friends. And take a bow.


PS the picture is of the road between Leek and Buxton in England in winter 2009. Though conditions are often harsh during the winter there are many homes nestled in the hillsides