Motherless child

Hello Friends

In this audio I discuss, again, why it’s so hard to let go of a mother. And I ask if babies are born with an innate knowledge of a mother’s love.  At the end  I sing a couple of lines too and you won’t be surprised to learn that they’re from one of my favourites.

This post seems rather indulgent: but if anyone has experienced something similar in any way I’d love to hear from you. Or if you’ve found it difficult to let go of a relationship I invite you to share your experience.


Invitation to share: do you think we are born knowing what love is? Have you found it hard to let go?



PS the photo is from Pixabay

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  1. I love you accent! And yes, science has now proven that love is part of our DNA. There’s a beautiful documentary called I Am in which a man gives up all his wealth in search of more. Woven throughout the film is science to support our expressions of empathy and our desire to care for one another. Having worked with abused and abandoned children and adult-children throughout my career I can attest to the fact that there is no greater bond than mother and child. Beautiful question.


  2. Yes. I think that we are born with an innate capacity for love. I think love has survival value in Darwinian terms and that hate is a regressive instinct with little value for survival at this stage in human evolution.

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