A Hierarchy of Shame

Hello friends

This post is about the shame that still surrounds sexual violence. In particular I’m asking Survivors if you have been able to ask your employer for support in the workplace–and if so, if you’ve been able to talk openly about the abuse you’ve suffered.

In this audio

I acknowledge that we’ve made progress in the UK in terms of supporting people in the work place with long term health conditions.

There seems to be a hierarchy of shame–whereby it’s probably easier to disclose a physical disability than a mental health problem.  If you’re a veteran and have PTSD it could be that there is more awareness surrounding the diagnosis.

More needs to be done to enable us to be more open.

I hid behind a “mental health” label for years but this just excacerbated my sense of shame

Please do vote–it will help us to raise awareness of the needs of Survivors in the work place.