7 Reasons for Body Shame

Hello Friends

I would love not to have a body at all. It would be wonderful to float around and talk to people without being seen!

This post is triggered by a couple of recent incidents: the first is “Fat Shaming” on the BBC website; the second is a post about sexualisation by a fellow blogger.

So in this audio I thought it would be interesting to share my 7 reasons for body shame. The audio is quick and breezy so do have a listen:

  1. Sexualisation: my body was for sale as a child
  2. Child pornography distorts body image
  3. Parents telling you that your body is wrong: they told me I was big but actually pictures show I was skinny
  4. I was taller than everyone else at school: so I had to be the male if we were dancing and played the man or villain in school plays
  5. I had big feet!
  6. My parents made me have physio to reduce the hollow in my back
  7. Now here’s the dilemma. I want to be thin: so thin that I could disappear. Thin = vulnerable so people look after you! Fat = big so you have to take care of yourself!

Thus began a really distorted sense of not just who I was, but “what” I was as well.

Please tell me how you feel about your body

Are you comfortable with your body?
Have there been times when you’ve not been at ease with the way you look?
How did you change your view?

Here’s a link as well to Lottie’s Post about sex and sexual abuse