Being labeled with a psychiatric disorder: what’s not to like?

I believe that it’s helpful to have a label. After years of fighting it and feeling some shame I now have come to find it incredibly useful:

  1. It helps me to understand my story and experience
  2. It helps me to find solutions
  3. It helps me to recognise that I’m not alone with a myriad of confusing issues. I’m not alone with
  • Overwhelming emotions and difficulty coping with stress
  • Constant urges to self harm and impulsivity
  • Chronic and intense feelings of isolation and emptiness.

And finally: this is not a zero sum game! What I’ve just described is by no means all of me. I am also warm, funny, generous, intelligent, creative…. and happen to have BPD.

Oh yes: also, I challenge you to find one human being on earth who is not also broken!

Do have a listen and let’s discuss:

Do you have a personality disorder? Is the label helpful or demeaning for you?

If you don’t have a personality disorder—what comes to mind when you hear about it. Is there fear? embarrassment?


See also this post which perhaps reflects “conventional wisdom”. But then, those two words are rarely uttered together with my own name. It is certainly worth a read nonetheless! A psychgrad’s take on personality disorder