“Oooh… I don’t read your blog!”

Hello friends

I am blessed with so many supportive friends who seem to love me just as I am.

Today’s post is not about my friends. It’s more of a general question: Why is it so much easier to generate Facebook discussion about physical illness than about mental distress? These thoughts came to me when an acquaintance recently intoned: “Oh! I don’t read your blog,” in such a way to suggest that I should be grateful for the admission. I find this quite curious and didn’t know what to make of it.

Why are people happy to post selfies of themselves in hospital after an accident and label their broken bones; but are unable to respond to selfies about mental distress caused by the accident of sexual abuse?

(If this applies to you and you don’t want to hear, just promise me this: ask yourself “why”?)

Here are the 3 main reasons people don’t want to hear:

What is your experience? Do you find it difficult to hear? Are you embarrassed? Do you find co-workers shuffle off into the shadows when you share your story?