Is childhood sexual abuse the new normal?

I’d value your input and thoughts on this post.

It comes following the revelations this week of abuse by people in positions of trust in the football leagues in the UK. This, coupled with the election of Donald Trump makes me ask

“Is childhood sexual abuse the new normal?”

Do listen …

the recording poses a series of interesting questions such as

  1. Is it easier to find people who have been abused than people who haven’t been abused?
  2. Will society get bored and start to say “Oh for heaven’s sake it happens all the time”?
  3. If so many people have been abused I’m wondering how society functions at all … or maybe it doesn’t (function)
  4. The US has a President elect who used to grope women and make light of it .. clearly it just doesn’t matter to millions of people over there
  5. Are we as a society more interested in the “monster” than the Survivor?
  6. Does society, collectively, have more interest in retribution than redress for the Survivor?

I know it’s not a zero sum game—but these are questions that need answers.

One thing I do know and I can say with absolute certainty is this: I feel sad and cheated that I cannot ever look at a father and young daughter without seeing the father as twisted. I “see” abuse everywhere. That is truly sickening and sad. It has destroyed my vision of any such thing as paternal love for a daughter.

But then again, if abuse is indeed the new normal, perhaps I’m over reacting. I just can’t get my head round it …… truth be known I’m sinking here!

What do you think? Is abuse the new normal?

What is the impact of all these revelations on Survivors?

Should we fight to keep the subject on the public agenda—or is it time that we just let go?