Warning: Yet another Happy New Year wish!

Hello Friends

I’ve been absent for exactly a month because I’ve been doing some early Spring Cleaning (of my mind: the house is still somewhat dusty according to the cruel low winter sun we have at this time of year in England). But before I embark on this post I want, sincerely, to thank you all for following me and for making my blogging so enjoyable.

I thought hard before posting this recording because it’s a message of Hope for all of us. And I know that if I’m on a downwards spiral I don’t always want to here a chirpy message. But do have a listen… it’s interesting. I promise.

The recording is made now that we’ve got through, crawled  over, wriggled under the Christmas celebrations: I want to wish you a Year with Happiness on Your Terms..

I talk of the issues and triggers we’ve just endured over the last few months: around loneliness, family, stress, alcohol, relationships.

I then go on to say that my wish is that we are all rewarded with some precious moments in the coming months.  For me it’s simple things: marveling at a rainbow over misty moorland; or a stream of raindrops crying down a windowpane. And the majesty of the sea—the sea does it for me every time …

Time is precious but do listen to the recording and share your thoughts.

Happy New Year my friends—on your own Terms!

Why not comment:

What does a Happy New Year mean for you?

Can you tolerate a Happy New Year wish?

Can you tolerate my wish for you? (Be honest now!)

What are your hopes for the coming months?


PS the photo was taken on 26th December 2016, in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.




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  1. These are good questions for me. I feel I am at a crossroads where many decisions need to be made and I don’t know how to make them. But I want to be happy and feel like I have something to contribute to lift others up. That is my greatest desire because I know for too much what it feels like to always be knocked down. Happy New Year.


    1. Hello there. I’m pleased the questions were useful for you. Let me know if you’re interested in contributing to my organisation’s project to support Survivors in the workplace. Take care now

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  2. I wanted to add that you are right in part about relief at the Holidays being over. As much as I love them especially with grand-kids who are at the perfect age to believe in the magic, it brings up a nostalgic wish for some closeness with my family of origin. I debated whether to send cards to the three brothers out of four left, the ones who didn’t attack me as a child. Eventually I did, also sending a gift to my younger brother.
    Not one mentioned it, thanked me, or wished me a Merry Christmas.


    1. Thanks for the addendum. I think that being with grand kids and sharing their magic sounds magical in itself.

      You know I think we have to keep on doing those other things too: reaching out, trying to build bridges or make connections with our families of origin, until we know it’s time to stop. I’m sorry in that no one thanked you or wished you a Merry Christmas. It’s sad because it says that one human being cannot be gracious towards another. Take care my friend xxx


      1. I feel muzzled. No talk of the past is allowed. That is why closeness cannot occur. I read this excerpt from a blog the other day: The three brothers, bystanders, will not share the burden or pain, take no action, do not and will not engage in remembering. The things I survived were atrocities that no talked about then, and won’t now as “if it never happened.” As if I never happened.

        “It is morally impossible to remain neutral for those that bear witness to conflict between the victim and the perpetrator. The bystander is forced to take sides. It is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, hear and speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden or pain. The victim demands action, engagement and remembering. After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies: it never happened, the victim lies, the victim exaggerates, the victim brought it on herself.”


  3. Laura Black says:

    Hello Serena. I really enjoyed listening to your voice this evening. You always sound so strong and kind at the same time. You explain the struggle of December so well. I haven’t quite reached the point of feeling OK with the happy new year wishes yet, but still it is a time to try and reflect on the good stuff as well as the challenges. That’s counter intuitive for me, but I’m persevering with it! I hope you get plenty of peace, calm and contentment this year and always. Laura

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  4. Ah that’s so kind of you Patricia xxx And yes: I need to remember to get used to having choices that I can make. By myself too.

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  5. I’ve missed hearing your soothing voice that reaches depths inside mostly kept hidden to keep safe.
    I love this, the moments, yes, those moments you speak of…and the struggles, even the moments when wishing not to be here, and on ‘our’ terms-when nothing was on my terms it is hard even decades later to realize I get to choose and have anything that is really mine be it things, thoughts or feelings.
    Happy New Moments to you … : )


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