Warning: Yet another Happy New Year wish!

Hello Friends

I’ve been absent for exactly a month because I’ve been doing some early Spring Cleaning (of my mind: the house is still somewhat dusty according to the cruel low winter sun we have at this time of year in England). But before I embark on this post I want, sincerely, to thank you all for following me and for making my blogging so enjoyable.

I thought hard before posting this recording because it’s a message of Hope for all of us. And I know that if I’m on a downwards spiral I don’t always want to here a chirpy message. But do have a listen… it’s interesting. I promise.

The recording is made now that we’ve got through, crawled  over, wriggled under the Christmas celebrations: I want to wish you a Year with Happiness on Your Terms..

I talk of the issues and triggers we’ve just endured over the last few months: around loneliness, family, stress, alcohol, relationships.

I then go on to say that my wish is that we are all rewarded with some precious moments in the coming months.  For me it’s simple things: marveling at a rainbow over misty moorland; or a stream of raindrops crying down a windowpane. And the majesty of the sea—the sea does it for me every time …

Time is precious but do listen to the recording and share your thoughts.

Happy New Year my friends—on your own Terms!

Why not comment:

What does a Happy New Year mean for you?

Can you tolerate a Happy New Year wish?

Can you tolerate my wish for you? (Be honest now!)

What are your hopes for the coming months?


PS the photo was taken on 26th December 2016, in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.