An abuse of Power?

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, demonstrated her experience, diplomacy and poise during yesterday’s press conference with the US President. She even out-manoeuvred the US President on NATO.

But Donald Trump is a seasoned publicist. He knew he could redress the balance immediately. When he took the Prime Minister’s hand in line of sight of the World’s Press, he symbolically dis-empowered the British Prime Minister. She became a woman in need of his reassurance and protection.

And of course the woman cannot protest. The President’s gesture was, after all, a genuine gesture of kindness and friendship.

Did you see this photo? What did you think?


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  1. Your leader possesses class and graciousness.
    You can’t hide a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Knowing his true character makes me see a little tantrum boy holding the teacher’s hand.


    1. That’s an interesting interpretation too. I wish I could ask him what it meant!


      1. Even if you could, he wouldn’t have the depth or insight to know.


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