3 reasons why I let my blog beats me up

Hello friends

I’ve not been blogging for a while and this has been a source of great worry for me. In fact, the more I think about it the worse it gets. But why should that be the case? Is it about

  1. Guilt
  2. Fear of rejection
  3. Simply not being a starter-finisher?

Do have a listen and please share your thoughts: help me to discover why it is that it can be so hard to pick up blogging after an absence.

Why it is that it can be so hard to pick up blogging after an absence?

PS Thank you, Laura, for your concern!


PPS the picture is of my husband and woofer on the Viking Way, Lincolnshire, during Christmas 2016

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  1. Laura says:

    Well done for pushing past the stuckness around blogging. I know it’s really hard when you’ve been blocked to actually even begin to try and make a post. And no doubt that stuck feeling was telling you something. I’ve learned that in therapy lately, where I have been frozen and silent a lot. It’s just something that needs to happen and when I’m ready I’ll emerge from it.

    I think the same thing happens with writing for me. And I get the same fear of being outside of the blogging community – but you read my post on belonging so you’ll understand how that fear makes sense. When I can’t write, I often just read others’ posts because that helps me feel like I am still a part of this. It’s amazing how important a ‘virtual’ community can be. Laura x


  2. It is always good to hear your voice. I thought of you.
    Finishing things didn’t used to be my forte’. How could it when no one was around during the growing up years to help see me through things?
    Along the way I have worked hard to finish things, like the degree that was one paper in one course short of holding me back. Twenty years later I earned that degree and my nursing degree. I finish things and it gives me great satisfaction. You finish things too but maybe like me forget the positives and only see the negatives. You finished this post for instance and you said it was excruciating. Good job and well done. Starting a lot of things doesn’t mean you have to finish them, only the ones that you decide are worthy of finishing and that you want to.
    Blogging is my way of expressing my inner most feelings and thoughts. Miracle upon miracle…I feel heard. I have found a community of woman who listen and care….care more than my family of origin, so they have become a replacement family. As long as I have a few brains rolling around in my head, and can type, I will blog. I hope you blog when you dam well please—- for you.


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