Are you a Survivor on Trial?

Hello friends

This post is inspired by “Al,” a 40-year-old Survivor in the United Kingdom, who is posting about the experience of going to Court. When I read his post, I realised that  I have put myself on trial for over 50 years. At times I’ve built a water-tight case for the Prosecution—and now it’s time that I strengthened the Case for the Defence!

If you have experienced Guilt about your abuse, if you have experienced Victim blaming, then do listen. You’re not alone!

The Case for the Prosecution
  1. Why did you involve the Police
  2. Why did you let it go on for so long
  3. Stop making a song and dance about your abuse
  4. Why talk about it now
  5. Shhhhh: don’t tell others
  6. What about the reputation of the family
The Case for the Defence

In spite of all of this, I am coming to believe that I have achieved remarkable things in my life. And that there is a core of me that is beyond the Abuse. This is the core that is enabling me to be creative, show empathy and warmth; to create relationships, build a home, a marriage and a successful business.

Do you still put yourself on trial?
What Case have you made for your Defence?
What successes have you achieved?



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