Sunshine and grief

Hello friends

Thank you for stopping by. This post is a real muddle and comes with a request.

Tell me: What do you do when sunshine and grief get all muddled up?

The paragraph below summarises my audio. I prefer the audio because I speak from the heart and without a script—but I guess you should be the judge of that!

Lately, I’ve been hanging on by an increasingly fragile thread of hope. It’s something about the way our bodies serve up nasty sensations and our minds wander into dangerous territory. All without our permission. I must know, surely, from experience, that this too will pass.

And all the while the sun shines outside my window, heralding Spring and fresh life.

So please tell me

How do you manage the sunshine and the grief?
Should we distract ourselves?
Should we block out the pain?
Or should we let the tears flow?